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I did nothing today

This is how I feel, times and times again, and I am sure I am not the only one who ends up feeling that way. I'm sure you had a lot on your plate, and at the end of the day when someone asked you what you did today, you end up saying you did nothing, because you did nothing you consider the other person might feel relevant, or because you had planned on doing a ton of things and in the end, did none of those.

So, since I'm trying to change my own view of myself and that words help shape thoughts, I'll try this exercise. I encourage you to do the same if you end up overwhelmed by your own negativity.

Today I have :

Made myself some magic potion ( cinnamon infusion with lemon and honney)

- is relevant as I normaly don't take the time to do it, while it really helps me feel better during the day

Took a shower

-is relevant since I hurt my shoulder at work and raising my arms to wash my hair is still something that was hard not a week ago

Managed to fill and start the dishwasher

-is relevant because of the same reason taking a shower needs to be mentioned

Got my potted herbs back inside

-had been postponing it for a while because of said arm and lack of space but weather kind of forced my hand

Took care of my flatmate's cat

-Onyx the cat is a superb cute and cuddly cat, who seems to suffer from anxiety even more than me. Petting it takes a long while.

Took a while trying to teach the cat not to eat the potted plants

-I tried, but failed. The cat doesn't respect my authority. Ultimately locked it up after putting the potted plants back together for the third time and even letting tape around so the cat's paw would stick to it and it'd give up

Added shelves to my workshop

-this includes drilling holes, adding screws, making sure everything is straight, and moving my huge table out of the way. My microphone now has a comfy spot on the wall next to my trophee and all wires got tied up to the wall with painter's tape

Attended physiotherapy

Walked in the rain to get there and then to Rona for some missing hardware

Took care of the needs of my boyfriend

-includes getting him to sleep because he had to wake early but had anxiety, waking early to make sure he was up for work before going back to bed, making him take a nap afterwork and try to wake his confused self after so he'd pick me up at Rona

Interracted with people I don't know well

-talked to the clerk at Rona so I'd have a peice of leftover wood for my project. Gave it to me for free since I was buying some stuff anyways. Ordered food and tried to get authorisation to use some photos on my website (I hate talking to people)

Added new photos on my website and fixed the overall "album" design

Bought groceries

I did not:

Find time to stream or start my crafting comission

- my arm was feeling worst after the physio and I would have needed to make noise to make my foamhead stand, which would have bothered the neighbours since it was already late once I bought all I needed


-which I should have done to keep the living costs lower, but couldn't because of the pain.

But I did nothing today.

So maybe I need to start looking at what I did manage to do instead of looking at what I didn't.

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